SCHOOLS How Helios can help you










Avoid HR Compliance Risks and Problems

Built-in compliance reports for:

  • California CALPADS
  • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • California CBEDS
  • Assignment Monitoring
  • Credentialing
  • Staff and Teacher Rosters
  • County and School Board
  • Many more
  • Save 75% Time and Cost

    All these reports are available at the click of a button, saving you days to create and compile each report. Save time and money with:

  • Over 100 reports
  • Streamlined credentialing process
  • Automated email reminders
  • Comprehensive HR and personnel system
  • Easily create your own ad-hoc reports in under a minute
















    Time and Payroll Reporting and Personnel Requisitions

    Helios helps with streamlining your time and attendance, payroll processing, and personnel reporting:

    • Automatically accrue earned leave
    • Real-time display of leave balances
    • Absences and substitutes with account codes
    • Certificated and classified payroll reports

    Helios helps you go paperless with your personnel requisition approvals and workflows:

    • Routes electronic forms for approval
    • Email notifications at each step
    • Approved requisitions tie into position control and payroll reporting

    Hiring, Onboarding, and Employee Self-Service

    Empower applicants, new hires, and current employees with easy to use tools via portals:

  • Apply easily for job openings
  • Enable administrators to review and hire
  • Onboard new hires online
  • Allow new hires to complete forms and submit documents online
  • Employee self-service for all employees to check leave balances, view evaluations, give feedback, and more.


















    Credentials and Assignment Monitoring

    Helios takes care of all your credentialing needs:

    • Get credentials directly from state
    • All new credential and authorization codes
    • Automated process from credential download, reminders, and reporting

    Helios has a special smart assignment engine that does a preliminary check if your teachers are highly qualified (HQT) to teach classroom courses. You get Assignment Monitoring and misassignments reports for review and county reporting.

    Complete Personnel System

    All you need to manage your personnel and HR data:

  • Demographics
  • Online Evaluations
  • Work History
  • Salary and Benefits
  • TB, DOJ, Immunizations
  • Leaves of Absence
  • English Learner (EL) Authorizations
  • Teacher Induction
  • Highly Qualified Status
  • Professional Development
  • Volunteers


















    Talks to Your District and County Systems

    Helios can interface with most district or county systems, for example: HR, payroll, position control, finance, and student systems. This enables you to have data move between systems, and leverage Helios's capabilities while keeping your existing systems if you choose to.

    No Double Data Entry - We import your data

    We import your existing data into Helios to get you off and running. We can set up an ongoing import/export to and from Helios with your other systems to avoid duplicate data entry.

    This helps your staff save time and avoid errors. It lets your staff focus on what they do best.



















    Secure Solution, Fully Supported

  • SSL security like shopping and banking websites
  • Password protected
  • FISMA compliant hosted data centers
  • Web-based system - Anytime, Anywhere access
  • Strong yet flexible security; ability to assign access permissions to different levels of staff
  • Can restrict access based on location or read/write or only specific areas of the system
  • Help manual and toll-free support available for technical and HR related issues