Helios' mission is to enable the educational community deal with the vast reservoir of information and workload by combining efficient technology with knowledge of school district administration and thus enable educators and administrators focus on what they do best - education.

We envision a world where educators have the latest tools that help them achieve results without getting bogged down by legal and administrative requirements.

WHAT WE DO Helios solves the compliance pain for schools by providing a HR analytics Services and reporting solution designed specially for education. Schools spend $11.7 billion every year on general administration and compliance alone. Helios helps save time and cost and keeps schools in HR compliance. It aligns teacher credentials with classroom courses and ultimately boost student achievement.


We offer a unique solution to streamline your HR compliance and personnel reporting. The easy, secure solution saves you and your staff significant time and cost in reporting and compliance. By minimizing the risks of compliance and streamlining your HR department, your life becomes easier.

We have a team that’s experienced in education and technology and are here to support your needs effectively.

It's up to you to join other happy administrators already benefiting from Helios.

A little background of how Helios came into being

The developers of Helios have experienced the facets and problems with district administration first hand. The Helios team concluded that mandatory as well as administrative requirements keep district administrators working on NCLB and numerous reports; principals need information for creating staff rosters and assignments while HR staff scramble to provide all these data and reports to administrators.

The scramble has in part been due to requirements laid out by NCLB, the Williams legislation, and the reports mandated by the county. In addition, it is necessary to keep track of teachers and staff in order to use this information to make decisions efficiently.

There has been a perceptible inadequacy in the current systems to track information on human resources. The student information systems in vogue can tell schools something about the students but nothing about how to make these students improve their performance. This student improvement can come about by planning effectively based on the right information about the teachers and paraprofessionals. There has been an urgent need for a comprehensive tool that principals could use to make decisions about staff assignments or track their teachers' highly qualified status.

Team Helios was thus highly motivated to usher in a dedicated research project that led to a comprehensive system to fill this void. It is a system that could help administrators make decisions - decisions that would directly impact student performance, and it creates reports that would help them meet NCLB and other requirements.

The ability to meet with these requirements by using software tools greatly reduces the burden on administrators, leaving them with even more space and enthusiasm to improve student achievement. End result: students benefit and schools progress.

Employee Records
Reports Run
Hours Saved

Helios has been created by a team of professionals from school districts for the entire K-12 HR community. Our leadership is comprised of technology managers, HR administrators, credential analysts and business advisors. Naturally, our team brings expertise in the latest tools in the K-12 industry and a solid understanding of the fundamentals involved in school district administration. We partner with leaders in the educational technology industry as well as with organizations that support education.

Gene Irvine

Gene has over 25 years of experience in technology and has had leadership positions in top technology companies like Netscape, Riverbed Technology, Inktomi, and Good Technology. As CIO of Riverbed, he helped lead the company through its strongest growth phase and implemented innovative technologies. He has worked both in public and private sector consulting to companies like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec, and Peet's Coffee and Tea. He brings to Helios strong vision and leadership. At Helios, he leads technology growth as well as all operational efforts.  

He holds a B.S. Degree from the University of San Francisco in Information Technology and is an avid cyclist.

Yash Sharman

Yash has several years of experience creating technology products and services specifically for school districts and the larger educational community. Among the tools that he has helped create for school districts, there is applicant tracking, HR process management, inventory management as well as attendance tracking. These systems are being successfully used. As part of these systems, he also trained and provided support to hundreds of users including administrators, educators and HR staff.

Yash holds a Master's Degree in business and Bachelor's Degree in MIS and holds a California CPA license as well.

Board of Advisors

Our advisors have been instrumental in shaping Helios and contributing to our business and product strengths. They have not only been our advisors but our guides, mentors and inspirational forces. We would like to thank them and many more who have helped build and grow Helios.

Ron Chandler

Ron has many years of experience in corporate strategy, technology strategic planning and program management across various industries.

He is currently the CIO for the UCLA - Anderson School of Management. An Intel Corporation Education Accelerator and GSVLabs Mentor, Ron is an established advisor to the technology community. He was recently a Senior Advisor to Clever, one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in the industry. Prior to that he was the CIO of the second largest K-12 HR computing enterprise in the US with a staff of approximately 700 FTE’s and a $500M budget.

Ron was the Chief Technology Officer at Oakland Unified School District before LAUSD and concurrently was the founding Managing Principal of NMA Consulting. His previous posts include SVP & CIO at Irwin Union Bank and various management roles leading technology and strategic change client engagements at Accenture and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

An electrical engineer by trade, Ron managed design teams in the aerospace industry in his previous life.

Ron holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Dr. S. Mahn

Dr. Mahn is an experienced educator and has taught economics, finance and capital market subjects at the university level. Dr. Mahn's doctorate degree in Portfolio Management is based on the work of Nobel laureates William Sharpe and Harry Markowitz. He has been a consultant to several companies including Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and other banks and institutions. He brings to Helios the same insight and mentoring to help shape our vision and organization.

Dr. Mahn is experienced in mathematical and analytical tools in designing, formulating and conducting meaningful research studies.

Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh serves as Credential Counselor and Graduate Advisor at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has worked in various capacities at UCLA, including leading the Teach LA and Teach Compton programs. She has expertise in the areas of credentialing, graduate admissions, recruitment, and academic advising.

Harmeet has several years of experience working with teaching and services credentials in California, and she is also a member of the Credential Counselors and Analysts of California. She brings to Helios a strong knowledge base about teacher credentials, education, and compliance.

Harmeet has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, and a Master’s degree in Student Affairs from UCLA.

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller is the CEO of The One-Page Company and is responsible for executing the company's strategic development plan. Joanna brings a proven executive management track record and is recognized as a leader in marketing and strategic partnerships across the consumer and technology sectors. Joanna has helped shape design and expansion for Helios.

Prior to launching One-Page, Joanna was Chief Executive Officer of Performance Advertising, responsible for building one of the nation's leading outsourced sales and marketing firms for two Fortune 500 companies. Taking her expertise overseas to Asia, Joanna developed and executed marketing strategies in the mobile and technology fields; across industry from e-commerce to social media she developed a keen knowledge in product execution and consumer buying. Joanna earned her BA degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia where she was a Full Scholarship athlete and a USA Junior National Team rower. She lives between Beijing, China and San Francisco, CA.

Steven Mednick

Steven Mednick is founder and president of Plenum Revenue Group, LLC in Newport Beach, California. Plenum is a business development advisory firm for emerging businesses to complex, global enterprises.

Steven advises Helios on business and client development as well as financial health. His vast experience in education and technology industries is a huge support to Helios.

Steven also teaches at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Prior to establishing Plenum in 2004, he was Director, Corporate Ventures at Silicon Graphics, Inc., where he established SGI's corporate ventures office and led its global mergers & acquisitions and licensing initiatives.

In addition to Steven's long history in the IT industry with companies such as IBM, SGI and Digital Equipment Corporation, he has also served as corporate attorney to a number of emerging companies in the IT and financial services industries.

Steven is a member of Tech Coast Angels and serves on the executive committee of Tech Coast Venture Network. He also sits on the advisory boards of The Entrepreneurship Institute, TriTech and the University of La Verne School of Business and Public Management.

Steven is a frequent speaker on early stage funding, corporate venturing, business development and the commercialization of intellectual property.

Brook Cross

Brook Cross is a catalyst for entrepreneurs and companies to find their way to the next level of success. He specializes in improving entrepreneurial and managerial skills and has been providing Strategic Planning Retreats and Managerial Coaching for over twenty years for a wide range of companies.

Brook helped Helios from product launch to establishing a growing customer base. He has been a true inspiration to our team and a great management coach.

His work has been featured in the Forms and Printing Industry where he is a speaker at national conferences and has written a regular column on management for a national trade journal.

Recent areas of focus include alternative sources of start-up funding and strategic integration of electronic and paper documents. Brook’s recent planning work with a major Fortune 100 company resulted in the plan being fully funded by the new parent company.

Brook is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters from the University of California.